Happy Friday! I hope everyone is having a GREAT start to 2016! With a new year comes new hairstyles! The updo of the moment is the ultra-easy, uber stylish half up top knot. This hairstyle has been made popular by celebrities, Instagram and Youtube vloggers all over. This hair trend shows little sign of losing steam within the near future. The tamed tousled hairstyle is fun for any occasions and we will make it easy for you to create this look at home!

To help you accomplish this look with grace and ease, our stylist Alex shows exactly how to make this look your very own.
The Essentials:
· Bumble and bumble’s Pret-a-Powder
· A small elastic hair tie
· 3 to 4 bobby pins
· Classic Hairspray

























How To:

1. Sprinkle Pret-a-Powder at the roots of the hair to soak up any oil, create volume and help your style to last all day.
2. Part your hair using your fingers to create a crescent shape around your temple.
3. Pull all of the hair that is above the temple upwards creating a ponytail in your crown area.
4. Secure the ponytail with the elastic hair tie just as you would with a typical half up, up-do.
5. Tease the ponytail to create volume. This will make it easier to create the “top-knot”
6. Take the teased ponytail and create a bun by wrapping it around the elastic hair tie.
7. Use the bobby pins to secure the bun.
8. In order to create the needed tousled texture for the look, tug on the twisted hair to create the look of a looser top knot. The messier the better!
9. Finish off the look with a little hairspray.


Show us your Top Knot and share how it worked out for you!

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