Facial Treatments

We offer a range of professional facial treatments, including shorter “mini” treatments designed to deliver immediate gratification in the form of quick, visible results with no downtime. Treatments can be customized to meet your specific needs and desired outcome.

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Holistic Facial- 60 minutes

A relaxing treatment focused on manual manipulations to relieve stress, ease puffiness, and leave you glowing. A gentle enzyme exfoliation is followed by an extended massage incorporating pressure point and lymphatic drainage techniques. Recommended for all skin types.

Age Defying Facial - 60 minutes

This skin enhancing facial combines relaxing techniques with cutting edge skincare. It offers exfoliating benefits without a peel or you can add a peel to jump start this firming and hydrating treatment.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - 60-75 minutes

This deep cleansing facial targets acne and problematic skin types while still considering signs of aging.
The dual exfoliation combines a gentle peel with active natural enzymes to thoroughly exfoliate the skin.
Delivers instant and visible skin balancing effects.
$149 - $169

Studio M Signature Facial - 90 minutes

Experience our signature triple exfoliation in this intense and relaxing anti-aging treatment – skin appears clearer with enhanced elasticity, texture, tone, and clarity. This luxurious experience also incorporates our warm Eco-Fin treatment for the hands and feet.

Gentleman’s Facial - 60 minutes

Our deep-cleansing facial experience is tailored to address a man’s specific skin care needs. This treatment visibly retexturizes the skin, smooths fine lines, makes wrinkles less noticeable and leaves skin hydrated, soft, and supple.

Back Facial - 45 minutes

Purifies and tones back with the refined technique of our finest facial. Includes extractions and a custom mask.

Mini Facial Treatments

Our targeted mini treatments are designed to deliver maximum results in less time.

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Mini-Spa Facial - 30 minutes

This treatment provides great skin boosting benefits and requires minimal time. Treat your skin to pampering with this mini treatment that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized with emphasis on exfoliation and hydration.

Mini Peel - 30 minutes

This facial peel is designed to address your specific skin care needs. Your esthetician will consult with you on the best option for your skin type and concerns. With this peel you will see immediate results with no down time. Best results are seen when done in a series of 6.

Mini Microdermabrasion - 45 minutes

This non-invasive, anti-aging resurfacing treatment will effectively exfoliate the skin and encourage collagen production. Your complexion will appear brighter and smoother with a more even texture. Add a peel to boost your results. Best results are seen when done in a series of 6.

Mini Microcurrent Facial - 45 minutes

A safe and painless treatment that addresses fine lines and wrinkles while firming and contouring your facial muscles. It reduces puffiness, improves muscle tone, and increases cellular activity. The result is healthier and younger looking skin.

Additional Peels

We also offer specialty peels including a chemical or Jessner peel. Contact us for pricing and additional information.

Microdermabrasion (+30 min)


Microcurrent (+30 min)


Extractions (+15 min)


AHA/BHA peels


Hand Peel (+10 min)


Anti-Aging Eye Treatment


Luxurious Lip Treatment


Eye and Lip Treatment




Brow Shaping






Lip and Brow


Lip and Chin


Full Face (no brow)


Full Face (w/brow)


Ear Wax


Nose Wax




Half Arms


Full Arms


Half Leg


Full Leg



*Available for female clients only


*Available for female clients only

Full Leg with Bikini*

*Available for female clients only

Full Back


Full Chest




Other Wellness Services

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Ear Candling - 30 minutes

A holistic, centuries-old practice used to relieve pressure and to remove wax buildup, treating earaches and other common issues related to the ear, including diver or swimmer’s ear

Foot Detox - 30 minutes

An ionic foot detox introduces a high level of negative ions into a foot bath, utilizing principles of reflexology and science of ionization and osmosis, a positive cellular environment is created, enabling the body’s natural detoxification to function at its peak.