Mark Gerard Massage Therapist

Mark Gerard comes to Palm Springs from the N.E. in April of 2014 with an extensive and successful career of over 14 years of massage therapy background.  He comes from Worcester Massachusetts where he also went to the nationally accredited Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, one of the top 10 accredited massage and anatomy schools in the country, inclusive of two years anatomy and physiology training. Mark Gerard graduated in 2002 and started his own massage therapy practice (Mark Gerard’s Therapeutic Massage) from the get go acquiring a wonderful repetitive clientele that made him a successful entrepreneur and which many of his clients became his friend.

Mark Gerard created his own unique style of massage throughout the years in  practice inclusive of heavy deep tissue (his specialty), deep Swedish, passive ROM (range of motion), sports massage, deep relaxation and Reiki, however, possess the skill and talent to intuitively tailor the session to each individual’s needs because when his client is on the massage table it is all about them.  Mark Gerard became a Reiki Master  (traditional Japanese energy work) in late 2011 and incorporate’s it in most of his sessions.  Mark also had the opportunity to do pre and post race massage for a few years at the world renown Boston Marathon. Mark is also known for coining the phrases “Don’t Think – Just Be” which he totally believes is the most important piece of a successful massage session. You need to give up control (being as passive as possible) to your therapist at your comfort level, breathe and “JUST BE” also the phrase “Exquisite Pain” meaning “hurts so good.” Mark Gerard is so pleased to be able to join the Studio M team and have a successful career here in the Palm Springs area and have the opportunity to touch (literally and figuratively) many individual’s lives.

Peace, love and tranquility.

Mark Gerard

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