Tips for a Flawless Holiday Season

by Salon and Spa Tips December 18 2015

‘Tis the season to look fabulous! It is the most wonderful time of the year—right? The holidays are joyful, but with the cheer also comes chilly weather, out-of-town guests, stress, sleep deprivation, and more. In fact, the holidays—a time when you want to be looking your party best—can be a potential minefield of beauty hazards. Here are some of the Grinch’s that might steal your radiance this season, and a ‘few of my favorite things’ to stop them.

Sleepless nights
Catching a red-eye to your relatives or setting a crazy-early alarm for shopping can mean sacrificing a good night’s rest. One too many of these nights can cause dark circles, bags under your eyes, and a dull complexion. Over the long run, lack of sleep can actually speed the signs of aging, and who wants that? Make sure you are using a good eye cream to help prevent any of these symptoms, like Priori’s Smoothing Eye Serum. Put it in the fridge to help with any puffiness! It will make your eyes feel and look great!

Fading Color
At the end of the year, hair color can look a little blah. Whether you have natural color that has lost its summer luster, or colored tresses that haven’t made it to the salon recently, winter is the perfect time to get your hair holiday-party ready! Keep your hair conditioned by using a weekly mask. Try Bumble and bumbles Mending Masque and avoid hot tools when possible to maintain vibrant color. Try a color-protecting styling product that enhances shine too like Bumbles Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. And if you are lucky, you might be able to sneak in with your stylist for a Gloss to bring some life and shine to your locks!

Dry air and static hair

Frizz in the summer, and static in the winter: Your hair just can’t seem to win the weather battle. There are things you can do other than pulling your hair into a top knot. (Even though this is one of my favorite looks!) Get holiday-ready by adding shine back into hair; Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil will keep your hair tamed and looking glam.

Dull complexion

Just as hair color fades in the winter, so does your complexion. Chilly conditions cause dry skin, and that sun-kissed glow has long since left your face. Bring life back to your appearance just in time for out-of-town guests to arrive and office parties to begin. Give your winter skin a wake-up by using Priori’s Invigorating Face and Body Scrub to sluff off dead skin cells and bring a nice glow back to your skin. Finish off with Elizabeth Arden’s *New* PRO Triple Protection Factor serum. You guys!…this stuff is like heaven in a bottle! Between the DNA Enzyme complex, the SPF 50 and the universal tinted moisturizer this product is a MUST for the holidays and every day!

Nail damage

You’re finally done shopping, so you can kick up your feet and relax. But wait, all those presents need to be wrapped! Unless you have a little elf to do it for you, all that manual labor is sure to nick, chip, and smudge your pretty new mani. Try out SpaRitual’s Vitamin Infused gel lacquers. These use UV light to set polish, and last for an impressive two to three weeks without chipping while infusing vitamins into the nails to keep your natural nails healthy and strong. ‘Spellbound’ is the perfect sparkly red for both your holiday parties and New Year’s Eve events.

Hope you have all have a glamorous and fabulous holiday season! Until Next Year