The Most Essential Hair Tool-The Bobby Pin!

by Salon and Spa Tips September 4 2015

The Bobby Pin-Either I’m constantly finding them all over my house…the carpet, the washer, the night stand, you name it! Or I can’t find just one more to perfectly finish my hair for the day, I think we can all agree bobby pins are the most essential hair tool and accessory.

Ever wonder what the difference is between a hair pin and a bobby pin? Today I’m going to explain the difference and the best ways to use them!

A hair pin typically isn’t closed at any point in the structure. It’s a long “U” shape and used to hold hair in place just like bobby pins. Hair pins are good for soft styles that may not need a whole heck of a lot of hold.  They are more challenging to work with, but have their own specific purpose.

Bobby pins are a “U” shape that are clamped together in order to hold the hair more firmly. Typically one side has ridges and one side is flat. Always insert the bobby pin into your hair with the ridge side against your scalp as it will hold the section of hair being worked with much better. We see tons of women using bobby pins incorrectly.  I promise by putting the ridge side down, it will change your hair pinning world! It will also look much more polished once you complete the style. Another great tip is if you just slide the bobby pin into the hair, instead of opening it up, to help pin back the baby hairs along the hair line or nape of the neck.  This will smooth out any look you are trying to achieve.

Another little tip, is make sure that the bobby pins you are using do not have a slick plastic coating alone the metal.   This allows the hair to slide into the pin more easily, but that also means the hair will slide out of the pin more easily as well.

Learning to use bobby pins or hair pins may take a bit of practice, but as soon as you figure out how to work them with your hair texture, it should make hair styling a lot easier.

Happy ‘Pinning’