Is Your Skin Winter Ready?

by studiomad January 26 2018

Winter (if you can call it that) is upon us! You may notice your skin is a bit drier than usual. Now is the time to amp up your skin care routine. Our favorite serum at Studio M is Priori’s Cellular Recovery Serum for its powerful liposome delivery system. We know that sounds very scientific but what this delivery system does is feed the skin DNA repair enzymes along with Vitamins C and E.

This combination boosts your skin’s healing mechanisms and gives you a radiant glow with a noticeable difference in the moisture levels of your skin throughout the day. But the truly great thing about it is that it can be used in conjunction with any other products you may be using and will actually boost their performance!

Because we care so much about the condition of your skin we’d like to offer you something special! Now through February 5th, when you receive a facial we’ll give you $10 OFF your purchase of Cellular Recovery. To sweeten the deal, we’re also offering $10 OFF Cellular Recovery’s best friend – Skin Renewal Serum. If you buy both together we’ll take $25 OFF!