6 Tips to Help Oily Hair

by Salon and Spa Tips November 12 2015

The struggle is real! The constant battle with my hair and keeping it from looking like a giant grease ball is an everyday task. It’s planning at exactly what time during the day hair needs to be washed so it will still look good during your evening date. It’s trying to avoid touching it and flinching away when others try to touch it too. It’s extended time in front of the mirror wondering if an up-do is good enough or if today is just a hat-day. But of course, greasy hair tends to be like most other insecurities: It always seems worse on oneself than how others actually see it.

Oily hair is like oily skin. Sometimes it just is what it is, and other times it’s that way because of the habits we keep. If you’re feeling like your hair is just too oily regardless, there are certain things you can do to keep the oil production under control. While these methods will help make your locks less greasy in both the short and long term, it is important to fully evaluate and understand your current habits so you know how to properly fix them. Here are six steps you can take toward having more balanced hair: Some are easier than others!!!
Wash less often
I know, I know. This sounds totally counterintuitive. But if the scalp is constantly being stripped of oils, the more forcefully it tries to replace those oils. This makes hair more greasy in the shorter term than necessary. So if you’re washing your hair every day, try to take it down to every other day. If you’re already doing that, try washing every three-four days. Also try not to vigorously wash your hair when shampooing. I know it seems crazy! But this also encourages the oil glands to over produce oil.

Only condition the ends 

Applying conditioner all over can totally weigh your hair down, causing oily roots. Instead, just apply conditioner from middle to the ends of your hair.

Use dry shampoo
An obvious one, yes, but dry shampoo will not only suck up oil from your roots making your hair appear less greasy in the moment, but it will also allow you to spend more time between washes which will make your hair less greasy in the long run too. I have tried many different brands and even baby powder! BUT the best I’ve found and has saved my hairstyles many times, is Bumble and bumbles Pret-a-Powder. This will change your life! (it even added a little more texture to the hair to give it your hair a fun and sassy finish.) and it’s Baxter approved

Choose your products wisely
Make sure you don’t use too many mousses and gels that can cause buildup. Also try to avoid products that make hair “shiny” as these can make oily-prone hair just look greasier. Check the ingredients-Avoid all silicone based products for sure.

Try not to touch your hair
That means with your hands or your face. Because your fingertips and face both produce oil that can easily be transferred to your hair, avoid playing with it or using styles that allow too much to touch your face.

Avoid too much straightening of your hair
The more closely your hair lies to your head, the more oil it comes in contact with. Curled hair (whether natural or not) gives a little more volume at the roots which keeps hair from becoming too oily too quickly. I also tend to play with my hair much more when it’s straight than when it’s curly. So, with the right thermal protectant(Bumble’s Invisible Oil Primer) and products I try to curl my hair more often to reduce that greasiness.

I am on day 2 of not washing my hair….the goal is at least 4 days! I will keep you all updated next week about what worked and what did not!